Benefits Of Joining HESSCPAG​

What are we offering?

As an Association, we unite Supply and Procurement Professionals in the Health Sector under one umbrella to ensure our well-being and security, while promoting growth and ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of our duties. Being a member of HESSCPAG comes with a lot of benefits. Here are some of the many benefits the association offers you.

Welfare scheme benefits
Negotiate improved remuneration and other conditions of service for members through HSWU.
Provident fund for all HESSCPAG members.
Facilitate academic progression for members through partnership with educational institutions.
Constitution and internal regulation
Provide continuous professional development training for members
Ensure harmonious working relationships between employers and employees.
Annual General meetings
Affiliation to international and local professional bodies.
Membership ID cards
Association cloth

Membership is opened to all Employees in the Procurement and Supply chain of the Ministry of Health and its agencies and any other health related agencies that may choose and accept to be members. 

All retired members shall attain affiliate membership upon retirement and shall be allowed to attend all meetings and gatherings but may not be a dues payer. Such members may not have the right to vote during congress.

When a member of the Association dies, NEC shall present a donation to the family, in addition to any voluntary contribution as may be levied.

Depending on the severity of the sickness as determined by a medical report, the NEC in consultation with Regional Executives shall determine the support to be awarded. Such supports shall be given based on recommendation from welfare committee.

As an Association, we bring together supply and procurement professionals in the health sector under one roof to ensure our well-being and safety while promoting growth and ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of our responsibilities. We have specialists who are engaged in the purchase of cialis medicine on this website at very low prices.